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  1. Megatron/Starscream (Transformers) Megatron (Transformers) Starscream (Transformers) Past Relationship(s) Hurt No Comfort; Regrets; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Summary. The time he'd bonded with Starscream was declared an accident, a moment of weakness he could not permit himself any longer as the face of a growing revolution
  2. Ich werde Megatron berichten das Starscream nicht auffindbar ist. Und du kannst dann Erst werde ich das Video material Vernichten! Wir können von Glück reden das Soundwave jetzt grade auf einer Mission ist, die länger dauern wird. Knoukout wurde leicht blasser um die Optiken, ja Soundwave durften sie auf keinen fall vergessen. Er wurde nicht umsonst als das Auge des Schiffes be
  3. utive servo on Megatron's cheek, laughing as Megatron smiled slightly. Starscream, you learn so fast. He cooed gently, placing a kiss on his helm. Starscream smiled back, his eyes bright and twinkling

Megatron glanced at Starscream before gesturing to the door with his head, his mouth not contorted into its usual frown. Instead, his lips were slightly curved upwards towards the sky, revealing the internal delight that was flaming in his spark. Starscream followed his liege into the deserted hallway, and the doors hissed shut behind them. The robust clanging of a lock sounded, preventing. Said Megatron, with a grin, whispering into his pet's audio. Megatron then pulled Starscream along to the berth and laid him down beside Optimus. The two slaves leaned into each other in a very suggestive and arousing manner that made Megatron's core temperature rise considerably, like they knew their Master loved them to, in a well-learned way Megatron, voll in Panik und unfähig noch einen klaren Gedanken zu fassen, rannte nur noch. Dabei schlug er immer wieder lang hin, verfingen sich seine Füße doch immer wieder in irgendwelchen Pflanzenteilen. Er stolperte, fiel und blieb unter einem lieblich duftenden, stachligen Busch liegen. Das letzte was er sah, waren die Füße von Starscream, die an ihm vorbei gingen starscream megatron transformers bumblebee soundwave knockout ratchet optimus arcee decepticons autobots bulkhead optimusprime tfp transformersprime prime breakdown shockwave wheeljack smokescreen. 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot . Hot New # 1. Our princess Decepticons x OC... by MansonGirl666. 84.7K 1.7K 28. Layla is a beautiful human girl who is in the same class as Jack, Miko and Raph.

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#megatron x starscream #tfa megatron #tfa starscream #fanfiction #oooo yeees. 7 notes. jiangshixx. Follow. Welp...there's an anti MegaStar flag...now here's a pro one. Enjoy! Credit is not needed but is highly appreciated . #megastar #maccadam #megatron x starscream #my trashy art #transformers #like seriously if you thought i wouldnt make a flag right back you were so wrong #i stg the. Adventure Romance Knockout Megatron Starscream Ratchet... Indigo lived in- well, nowhere and everywhere. Her family moved around a lot, but she originally was from Hawaii. She lived in a RV with her parents, younger brother and sister, baby sister, and Toby and Kona, the bear siblings

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megatron transformers optimus starscream bumblebee ratchet autobots decepticons soundwave arcee optimusprime bulkhead knockout tfp prime transformersprime wheeljack breakdown shockwave smokescreen. 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New # 1. My Sweet Human (Megatron Love Stor... by Midnight_433334. 177K 3.5K 49. Hi my name is Faith Rose. I'm currently 17 years old. I live in a town name Greenland. Bathing with Eradicons is a Transformers fanfic written by JenKristo. Unable to wash himself after losing an arm, Starscream shows up unannounced in the eradicons' shower room looking for someone to bathe him after an accident... and things progress from there. The story is about Starscream/Steve the Vehicon pairing Mostly from other Decepticons and he deserved it but still that's a lot Read EPISODE 1 - THE FALL from the story The Silent Light - A Megatron x Starscream (Megastar) Fanfiction [COMPLETED] b... Wattpad. Okay, yes, yes, I did make a Megastar story about three months ago, and I am lowkey very proud of it. #megastar #megatron #megatron tfp #tfp knock out #tfp shockwave #nemesis #starscream #idw starscream #starscream tfp #transformers fan continuity #transformers. This link goes to a fanfic I looked at over and over all weekend. The writer does a great job of writing what would happen if Starscream joined the Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu • Loved this Starscream fanfic. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. Loved this Starscream fanfic. https://www.

Seeker Fanfic Archive . Going to go with entrate 's idea and I am going to make this post, the archive post of the community. I will add this post to the memories of the community for easy access. From now when a fan fiction is posted I will add a link to it to this post. If anyone has any existing fan fics that they want to share and have in the archive please post a link to it in the. Starscream was Megatron's right-hand and a secondary antagonist in the Transformers Prime series. He dreams of seizing leadership of the Decepticon faction for himself, and has even succeeded on a few occasions, only to have it taken away by Megatron Pairing: Megatron x Starscream; Summary: A courtship in the middle of war was both untimely and inappropriate, although Megatron frankly did not care when he set his sights on the newly-recruited Starscream. But neither of them expected that whatever relationship they developed would sustain them during the trials and difficulties of the Great War Fortunately for Megatron, Starscream is prone to panic, cowardice and bombastic gestures, meaning that it'd take exceptional circumstances for Starscream to actually manage to get behind him to shove the knife in. He becomes friends with Cyclonus after Unicron merges Darwin & Carrie into the being

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Because I swear in every fanfiction there is a different theory. And, more importantly, have you ever done it with Megatron (and to Prime!Starscream: or with Knock Out? Because he is HOOOOOOOOT)-How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Since. Relations - Megatron & Starscream I was browsing through my old fanfiction folders (oh gosh, all the unfinished and un-published stuff in there dating back to 2006 and earlier o_o;;), and found an old.. A tribute to two of my favorite villains of all time

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These days, he alternatively wishes Megatron would stop being obsessed with his lust for power and chafes under having to work for such a madman. While he serves as Megatron's right-hand man, he constantly looks for a way to become the commander himself and Megatron knows it: Starscream's extremely volatile personality means he is not adept at hiding his true intent. Fortunately for Megatron. #Starscream-Supporter gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. LadyClassical 60 Deviations Featured: First-Class Delivery. Supermoi 31 Deviations Featured: You belongs to me MxSS SLASH. Applepie3399 11 Deviations Featured: Sated Seeker, Happy Seeker (Megatron x Starscream) MissSparkle1 8 Deviations Featured: Breaking Free:chapter one. grayseekerwrites. Starscream releases his leader and his gladiator crew, who are swiftly joined by every other criminal in the building. With Soundwave próviding armaments and badgés to the néw recruits, Starscream introducés Megatron to thé most devastating wéapon in the précincts armory: a néw, arm-mounted fusión cannon. Blasting a hole in the wall with his new weapon, Megatron orders the group to. Starscream ist ein Decepticon, der sich in einen F-22 Raptor Jet transformieren kann. Starscream ist der Air Commander der Decepticons und außerdem auch der 2. Anführer, da er nach Megatrons Tod die Führung übernahm. Doch nachdem Megatron wieder auferstand, wurde Starscream, wenn auch ungewollt, von seiner Führungsposition abgelöst while ago i read a fic where starscream was abused by megatron. it was set in the armada series and it ended with starscream/jetfire. it started where optimus found starscream badly injured in a forest. it also had a sequel. a few more things i remember is that starscream had a lot of flas

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  1. There's a Starscream fanfic called Unburied and it's basically an AU where Starscream joins the autobots after it's been revealed he killed Cliffjumper; It's full of Optimus and Starscream brotp goodness, the rest of the autobots having mixed feelings for Starscream as they realize more and more about how abusive Megatron was to him and Megatron being yandere for poor Starscream, slowly losing.
  2. Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave centered. ***BEING REWRITTEN Ao3*** When All Else Fails: The Techno Organic Menace A techno-organic virus from Starscream and Skyfire's past is released from imprisonment, and Starscream wants to use him to take down Megatron. But this mech has other ideas. Starscream/Skyfire but it's complicated
  3. Fanfiction.net Megatron was almost paralysed, afraid that Starscream would do something humiliating to him in front of everybody. Thankfully, once Starscream got on his table, he swiftly transformed, barrel-rolled and landed in his bipedal form in the middle of the stage, where he made a theatrical salute

Starscream and Megatron's relationship is one of the central storylines in nearly every Transformers iteration, and aside from G1, Megatron almost never puts up with Starscream's shit for long. Apocrypha. Member. Oct 28, 2017 8,460. Apr 7, 2021 #73 He lonely! RoninChaos. Member. Oct 26, 2017 4,944 . Apr 7, 2021 #74 Winny(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و said: Wow that's awesome. Click to expand. The Sister -A TFP FANFIC -by Cosmos. 13.4K 309 15. Sam has an adopted , little sister who is 10 years-old and adores her. allspark transformers megatron autobots bumblebee optimus optimusprime decepticons ironhide ratchet prime jazz starscream cybertron Youngling by SecretGarden03. 4.5K 154 8. Sam has an adopted , little sister who. Transformers Animated Megatron kills starscream the first time starscream pulled anything another reason why Animated is amazing . Darkspellmaster. Member. Jun 17, 2019 610. Apr 7, 2021 #40 G1 Starscream is actually fairly smart and competent. I'm not sure how far you are in, but there's episodes that show that the guy does know his stuff. He's a scientist, shown to be a bit on the. but i DO want a cartoon where starscream defects to the bots without any redemption arc whatsoever. he's just their token evil teammate. he causes problems on purpose but mostly he does it in the cons' direction (read: megatron's direction) so it works out ok. everyone just kind of gets used to having this asshole around and it becomes normal to just be like yeah that's starscream. no he.

Starscream tells Optimus they have to leave the Decipticon base and go hideout while Starscream contacts other Seekers to join him and spread the word Megatron is nuts. Starscream also tells Optimus he has to come with them since they can't go to the Autobot base since the Autobots will shoot Starscream and his seeker companions if they come on site. Reluctantly, Optimus agrees and attempts. I had to people i soz not really Megatron's final insult toward Starscream is a bit mis-timed, since he turns around and starts flying towards Prime before he's more than a word or two into the sentence. The Energon Blaster is not actually shown firing at Megatron; Megatron simply flies into a beam of red energy. Continuity notes . Alpha Q promises to complete Starscream's new body when they finish stealing all of the energon. ore honest about his lust for power. These days, he alternatively wishes Megatron would stop being obsessed with his lust for power and chafes under having to work for such a madman. While he serves as Megatron's right-hand man, he constantly looks for a way to become the commander himself and Megatron knows it: Starscream's extremely volatile personality means he is not adept at hiding his.

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Jan 9, 2020 - megatronstarscream - Posts tagged starscream. Jan 9, 2020 - megatronstarscream - Posts tagged starscream. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. Sign up. Explore • Art • Illustrations • Character Illustration • Transformers Illustration.. Starscream es un héroe en el lado equivocado. A través de los siglos ha llegado a creer que tanto Optimus como Megatron han perdido de vista lo que es mejor para la raza cybertroniana, y simplemente se han molestado en perseguir sus propias agendas. En algún momento, llegó a la decisión de que, por el bien de la especie, debía surgir un nuevo líder, y él sería ese líder. Sin embargo. The relationship between Decepticon leader Megatron and his second-in-command Starscream is easily the most complex and dynamic in all of Transformers. Starscream, jealous of Megatron's power and resentful of how the Decepticon leader continually disrespects him, desires nothing less than to usurp him. RELATED: Transformers: 5 Times Starscream Was Better Than Megatron (& 5 Of His Worst Failures Starscream gives Megatron his fusion cannon. It shouldn't be hard to see the irony in this. Thundercracker expresses some misgivings about shooting down the ship with Skywarp. Take notice of that little bit of characterization, it becomes important later. If the art doesn't make it abundantly clear, in the last panel Megatron is holding the data cube Ratbat was preparing before his repurposing. Starscream is Megatron's younger second in command, and a recurring antagonist in Armada. However, unlike other incarnations of Starscream, this version is far more anti heroic. 1 History 1.1 Armada 1.1.1 Searching for Mini-Cons 1.1.2 The Star Saber 1.1.3 Doubting Megatron 1.1.4 Joining the Autobots 1.1.5 The Hydra Cannon 1.1.6 The Unicron Battles 1.2 Energon 2 Trivia 3 Gallery Starscream.

For sensitivity purposes, Megatron should have taken Starscream off the premises and fired him privately in order to preserve the Decepticon's dignity. Failing that, Megatron may have considered waiting until Starscream turned around so that he could shoot him in the back of the head with his enormous arm cannon. Related: 6 Classic Shows (That Went Insane For One Episode) 3. 15 Seconds Later. Morte De Megatron Na Base Autobot Raf e Miko Jogando Formula 1 Optimus : Arcee Leve jack ao Trabalho Arcee Se transforma Arcee : Suba jack Sobe Miko vai correndo senta na carupa da Arcee Jack : MIKO ? Arcee : ã jack Optimus disse 1 só jack : Arcee a Miko nao aprende Optimu Shrieking passion—Megatron had shared this with Starscream, more than once, in early days when loyalty had been simpler and both of them had less to prove and more to experience. Megatron had shared himself with someone else, earlier yet, a power and presence so vast and severe that even he had quaked beneath it, hating it more with every subsequent merge, despising the obligation to a.

The animated series Armada had all kinds of great confrontations between Starscream and Megatron, Megatron being abusive toward Starscream, and Starscream constantly stabbing his leader in the back and sabotaging him. They even fought nearly to the death (Starscream's death, that is). Ultimately, Starscream was so irked by how he'd been treated that he used the powerful Star Saber to wreck. Starscream joins Megatron and Grindor in a battle against Optimus Prime in the forest, which resulted in Optimus cutting off Starscream's right arm and ripping Grindor's head in half, however Megatron managed to kill Optimus by stabbing him in the back and shooting his spark out. Megatron and Starscream retreat as the Autobots arrive to save Sam. Megatron berates Starscream again after failing. Starscream. 14,892 likes · 3 talking about this. I, Starscream, WILL be the Leader of the Decepticons

Megatron and Starscream are transforming robotic lifeforms from the hit cartoon Transformers. Megatron shoots a huge plasma ball from his fussion cannon + Spark Grenade that halts all within 10 feet from it for 3 seconds Starscream shoots his signature null ray + Energon Bomb that evaporates all in its path They Contain voicelines from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Gun Sounds from the G1. Starscream is the second-in-command of the Decepticons and the secondary antagonist of the Transformers: Prime series. He initially seeks to usurp control of the Decepticons from Megatron, but eventually learns his place and becomes content with being second in the Decepticon hierarchy.. He appears as the main antagonist of the Darkness Rising arc of Season 1 until Megatron returns and re.

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Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Megatron GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY Megatron and Starscream are simultaneously defeated, and the Decepticon commander flees after Optimus grants him mercy. Most of the Decepticons return for the final mission, Decepticons Attack. After receiving a signal from Soundwave emitting from a bullet train, Megatron arrived on the other side of the tunnel the train was emerging from and derailed it. Ripping open one of the cars, Megatron. 2020/12/18 - Pinterest で 松田 佳菜恵 matuda さんのボード「Megatron and starscream」を見てみましょう。。「トランスフォーマー, メガトロン, トランス」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう Starscream arbeitet mit Megatron gegen die Maximals zusammen, plant ihn jedoch auszuschalten. Mit Starscreams Hilfe übernehmen die Predacons die Kontrolle über die Axalon, aber als Starscream sich gegen Megatron wendet geht alles schief und Black Arachnia sprengt ein Energondepot, welches Starscreams Spark wieder ins All hinaus schleudert

Starscream. 13,503 likes · 1 talking about this. I am Megatron's Second in Command and Air Commander of the Decepticon Starscream & Harmonie Prime (Part 19) Durant les deux dernier jour qui suivirent l'avertissement, Starscream avait beaucoup progressé pour maîtrisée ses pouvoir mais il avait encore du mal avec certain pouvoir. Arrivée la vaille du 3° jour, nous avons tous décidée de camper au près du Némésis et de faire des tours de garde chacun notre tour. Je.. Megatron, also known as Galvatron, is the main antagonist of the three series of the Transformers Unicron Trilogy. Megatron led the Decepticons in civil war, which was bolstered due tothe Mini-Cons.The Mini-Cons made a pact with the Autobots to leave the planet in astarship,but Megatron struck as the tiny 'bots were leaving, and the damaged Mini-Con shipcrash-landed on the planetEarth. In one.

Unsurpassed in ego or ambition, Starscream is the scheming second-in-command to Megatron. His all-consuming hunger for absolute power overcomes what little reason there is in him, driving him to adopt ever more vile plots in his quest to unseat Megatron as leader of the evil Decepticons Megatron was defined by his mania of obtaining power, Originally, Megatron was merely cold, ruthless and an understated leader of the decepticons, However after witnessing the Threats of Starscream and his Scraplets, Megatron was willing to allying with Optimus against him, In season 2, after a battle against his evil twin, Megatron changed his ways and helped to defeat the troops of his evil. Transformers Fanfic. Why The Ark Has No Doors by PrincessArtemis. It has been asked why the Autobots never tried to up their defenses by adding doors to the outside of the Ark. Truth of the matter is, they did. It just didn't all go according to plan. Category is Generation One. Genre is Comedy. Why The Ark Has No Doors by PrincessArtemis [ 11:31 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download. Posted. Mais Megatron sauve Starscream de justesse, abattant Dreadwing d'un coup de fusil. Starscream retrouve donc sa place de second et sa capacité à se transformer. Cela grâce à Knock Out et au T-Cog récupéré sur le cadavre de son clone. Il retrouve son mode véhicule grâce au T cog prélevé sur son clone et restauré par Knock Out. Dreadwing tente ensuite de le tuer car il a découvert. Starscream przez 50 lat tułał się po kosmosie, aż dotarł na Ziemię. Jego próby zdobycia Wszechiskry i władzy skończyły się na tym, że Megatron śmiertelnie go ranił, jednak fragment rozbitej Wszechiskry utkwił mu w głowie, doprowadzając do nieśmiertelności Starscream'a. Tworząc armię swoich klonów, Starscream szykuje się do natarcia na Ziemię

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Megascream Megatron X Starscream Another Fanfic Bonus If Not . Starscream Wikipedia . Armada Starscream Tumblr Posts Tumbral Com . Megatron Armada Tumblr . Tf Armada Starscream Alexis Youtube . Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron And Armada . Athe0n Fanfiction . Transformers Armada . Generations Armada Starscream Toy Review Bwtf . Generations Combiner Wars Armada Megatron Toy. —Starscream discovers that Megatron has been reading The Hands-Off Manager. I am tempted to force you to share my perception of things. —Shockwave really hates or really loves having one eye, as he tells Starscream. Exemplary teamwork. —Megatron, after Starscream convinces Shockwave not to share his perspective Transformers Prime Bulkhead/ Bumblebee/ Starscream/ Megatron/ RAR 39 € VB. 08233 Sachsen - Treuen. 24.09.2020. Anzeigennr.: 1520018264. Details. Art Action- & Spielfiguren; Versand Versand möglich; Beschreibung. Bulkhead spricht, leuchtet und transformiert sich. Mit Anleitung (59 €) Bumblebee mit Sound, transformiert sich. Mit Waffe und Anleitung. (59 €) Starscream mit Waffe, kann sich. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Transformers Optimus Prime Starscream Grimlock BumbleBee Megatron 27cm bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel Starscream is Megatron's most trusted lieutenant and the voice of the Decepticon rebellion. He's converted countless bots to the Decepticon cause. But before the war he was an academic at his core with dreams of bringing back Cybertron's past and sharing it with the world. He believed his research would unlock long-forgotten knowledge and history that would help them to forge a better.

Starscream's conscience by WaywardInsecticon on DeviantArtMy art comic lolol transformers megatron starscream tfpTRANSFORMERS MOVIE FIGURINES WITH OPTIMUS PRIME MEGATRONIn Space, No One Can Hear Starscream - Updates Archive

Best Megatron/Starscream Writer Out There. No Jokes. » fuckyeahtfslash: seriousstranger: Unf. I don't even know. Everything she writes is like Megs/Screamer heaven with a couple dashes of Soundwave and the other Seekers every once in a while. It is just great. I agree. Reblogged 10 years ago from fuckyeahtfslash (Originally from almostwolfgang-deactivated20180) 17 notes . Tagged: Fanfiction. megatron/starscream [3] optimus/megatron [1] rodimus/starscream [12] sirius/remus [15] skyfire/silverbolt [42] skyfire/starscream [14] tatsumi/tsuzuki [1] thundercracker/skywarp [1] tsuzuki/watari [2] title. a wing and a prayer [26] beyond the veil [11] fire and ice [1] ghosts of cybertron [3] the maze and the mirror [1] the other side of twilight [10] Style Credit. Style: Blue for Drifting by. [OLD] Bittersweet Remedy (Megatron/Starscream - TFP fanfic) Fanfiction [THIS WORK IS OLD and not a reflection of the author's current interests or beliefs; I wrote this story when I was 12 years old and I am keeping it up for the sake of archival, not because I agree with or condone the way information was handled.] [T; Sleep Megatron's Daughter Transformers Prime Fanfiction . Quotev.com DA. Best expression ever (only second to Starscream) Source: vio-vile. knockout breakdown screenshot hilarious. sunshineandcybertronians. sunshineandcybertronians. I was looking through an old journal and suddenly realized I had a TON of fanfiction ideas for TFP. Some of which were not reader inserts and contained OCs Dragoness Eclectic's Transformers Fanfiction. I actually got started on Transformers via Beast Wars, then Transformers:Armada, and then eventually got around to seeing G1.However, except for one really bad resurrected-Starscream/Alexis fic that will never see the light of day while I am sane, I have only been interested in writing G1 Transformers stories

Hello! Thank you!! It has the tag G1 Starscream lost in TFP. Here are the links . [ Part 1] Meeting TFP Megatron. [ Part 2] Teasing TFP Megatron&Starscream. [ Part 3] Meeting TFP Soundwave. [ Part 4] Meeting TFP Knock Out & Breakdown Often, Megatron is depicted as the fearsome leader of the Decepticons. He is often shown to have intimidating leadership skills, the ability to rally and command the Decepticons, as well as a crafty and sneak mind. But if you consider Megatron jus.. Megatron has often been depicted as ruthless and intimidating, while his 2nd in command Starscream, as cowardly and cunning. Therefore we often see Megatron easily bossing Starscream around. The former's dominating nature and fierceness is further.. Starscream and Megatron button designs Color scheme is 2016 colour of the year and 2018 colour of the year. f15cathyshark:Starscream and Megatron button designs Color... I don't know what any of these things are, sorry.. Mar 11, 2018 - megatronstarscream - Posts tagged tf

Jazz & Starscream are my two favourites, has anyone written anything with this pairing? I do hope so, please can you shove me at the links if you know of any fics with these two in. Thank you, f. XXX Megatron's bitch. Starscream is a character in the Transformers universe(s). He appears in almost every incarnation of the series, the most oft-recurring character type after Optimus Prime and Megatron.He begins most series as Megatron's second in command, but is not content with that position, desiring to replace Megatron as leader of the Decepticons Starscream is a heroic decepticon who will do anything with his scientific talents for his leader, the noble Megatron and the good of the others in his realm. In his youth, Starscream was one of the most brilliant scientific minds to ever graduated from the Crystal City Science Institute on Cybertron. When the great war between the Autobots and. tfa - Megatron/Starscream megatronstarscream - Posts tagged tfa One stop shop for sexy & cute pictures of Megatron/Starscream. Have fun browsing through over 2000 images of this pairing

TG28 Megatron and Starscream Set is a remastered and improved Takara Tomy version of the Hasbro Transformers Generations figure. TG28 Megatron and Starscream Set is a high end Japanese market only exclusive figure featuring all new paint applications, metallic paint and comes in impressive packaging. Transformers Generations by Takara Tomy is a Japanese exclusive series of figures from the. Transformers Megatron and Starscream. share . 979 views • Made by anonymous 6 years ago. transformers megatron and starscream. Caption this Meme. Add Meme. Add Image. Post Comment. Show More Comments. Flip Settings. memes. gifs. other. Caption this Meme. Created with the Imgflip Meme Generator. IMAGE DESCRIPTION: I DON'T CARE IF RECKONER'S ISN'T COSMERE, STARSCREAM. IN MY FANFICTION. Jan 15, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Tyler Harrington. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Starscream assumed Megatron was killed when Omega attacked a dropship Megatron was heading for and declared himself Decepticon commander. Shortly afterward, Megatron managed to communicate with Starscream and ordered him to attack Omega Supreme, getting the massive Autobot off of Megatron's back. By the time Megatron's group were heading for the Autobot turrets, Starscream was ready to sound a.

Starscream was an Air Commander of the Seekers, Cybertron's finest air warriors. Starscream starts out as a neutral being neither Autobot nor Decepticon. He at some point sides with the Autobots and is charged with defending an orbital spacestation that manufactures Energon and contains Dark Energon by Zeta Prime and Jetfire. After meeting the rebel upstart Megatron, he decides to join his. Megatron had reclaimed his leadership over the Decepticons, and Onslaught asks Megatron if he and his Combaticons should chase after Starscream and finish him, but Megatron says that Starscream is. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art Megatron looks good and is much more posable than his original Leader. If you just want something show accurate, he's pretty much as good as you get. I think a line of Transformers that are cartoon accurate and highly posable is a good idea that should be revisited. They'd be great for lines with stylised cartoons like Animated, Prime and. Starscream was a prominent figure in most of Megatron's schemes over the next year, but also made several further plays for power — teaming up with the Triple Changers Blitzwing and Astrotrain to betray Megatron, only to be double-crossed himself; duping the paranoiac Autobot, Red Alert into allowing him to acquire the Autobots' Negavator weapon; incapacitating Megatron's Nightbird robot to. New Transformers Fanfic Podcast Added Mojo Mayhem Chapter 7 by Phoenix . I've just uploaded the latest chapter from Mojo Mayhem. Please click on the Podcast link above to listen. --Charl on 25/05/10 - 05:48 am (22 Comments) News Archive. Featured Stories. Death's Lessons by Nightwind Ratchet rages against the injustice of war, as he watches a young girl he is... Up From Underground by Ivy.

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